How To Not Get Arrested Abroad

We know you lot love to go on holiday and party – who doesn’t? But arrests of British tourists are on the rise, and we’re feeling all Mother Hen about it. Spain, Thailand and the USA have seen a bigger increase than anywhere else, so holidaymakers here should be especially aware. We want you to have a fun time away on sunnier shores, without seeing the inside of a foreign cell. So keep your eye out for these pitfalls!

Drink + Sun = Fun?

Don't Get Too Drunk!

What better way to unwind on your hard-earned holiday than with an all-day (and all-night) drinking session (or two). But we’re going to put on our Sensible Mum Hat here and say “remember not to overdo it”. It’s easy to forget how tolerant of drunken behaviour the police are in the UK, but not necessarily elsewhere. So try to remember to swap the occasional alcoholic beverage for water, and if your mate’s up to no good, take them home to sleep it off!

Drugs: Just Say No

Drugs Are Bad

Many countries also have much harsher drug laws than in the UK, and you’ll be wrong in thinking that if you get arrested on holiday you just have to ask to be shipped home for the punishment. Most countries can and will detain you there. Selling, transporting and even taking drugs can land you in trouble, and – Sensible Mum Hat back on – just because you see other people getting away with it, doesn’t mean you will too.

Nudity is Not Big or Clever

Stay Clothed!

I think we’ve all got a friend who gets a little drunk and decides it’s fun to be naked, and if you haven’t you should get one – the pictures are great blackmail material, but watch out on holiday! Muslim destinations like Sharm and Dubai are particularly hot on nudity, but it could land you in trouble plenty of places. Sensible Mum says please keep it covered.

We know it’s a bit boring to be sensible, but can you think of anything more boring than wasting your life away in a foreign jail where you don’t know the language? Ok, maybe ironing, lawn bowls, reading War and Peace, shopping all day with your girlfriend, Songs of Praise followed by Antiques Roadshow and self assessment tax forms are more boring. But that’s about it.

Think you’ve got it down? Test yourself with a holiday in Spain, Cyprus or Greece!

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