15 Days Until The Olympics!

Ooh it’s really getting close now! London is getting ready with hundreds of banners going up in the streets and the final flourishes appearing at the Olympic Park. I have to say that my excitement really is reaching fever pitch and I can’t wait for the torch to come to town and the Games to start!

Torch News

Yes, it’s on its way towards the capital, which means the Olympics are definitely getting closer. It’s certainly not arrived from Olympia as the crow flies, but when you see the joy in the crowds and the amazing pictures you can’t really complain! We’ve even seen World Record holder Michael Johnson carry the flame around Stonehenge at dawn! It’s just stopped off in Stoke Mandeville too, which is where the Paralympic Games were founded.

Official Song

Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m not much of one for an official song. For me, they are like Eurovision – occasionally amusing, but I can cheerfully go without. However, I’m totally into the official Olympics song. Maybe because it’s by Muse. Maybe because the video is so inspiring and full of amazing feats. Maybe because it’s a good song? Well in any case it’s a good thing because we’re going to be hearing it a lot – according to Muse themselves it will be used before medal ceremonies, when athletes enter the Olympic Stadium, and on TV coverage.

Live Sites

If you’re not lucky enough to have tickets to see one of the events, but still want that collective experience of following the highs and lows of sport in a huge crowd then get yourself to the live sites! After watching England clinch the Ashes from the big screen in Hyde Park I can say for sure it’s the next best thing to being there – and it’s free! There are locations all around the country from Plymouth to Newcastle, Derry to Swindon. Find your nearest one here.

If you’re heading to London why not check out our special London Events and our London Guide for all the insider tips.

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