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Many of the world’s hottest tourist destinations for gambling and casinos are evolving, and we like the sound of it! Luxury spas are popping up alongside the huge casinos, to pamper, soothe and relax you after the buzz of roulette, blackjack and more. Or if you’re not a fan of chancing your hand against the house, you could retreat to the spa serenity and let your other half enjoy the bright lights! So, are you a gambling groupie or a sucker for spa treatments?

Las Vegas

Vegas Baby!
Brian Whitmarsh

The Bellagio vs Canyon Ranch Spa

It’s impossible to get away from the casinos altogether in Las Vegas, with all the big name hotels boasting both a casino and spa, and Canyon Ranch Spa at the Venetian is the largest, featuring an almost endless list of facilities and treatments. The Bellagio is a byword for overindulgence and here you will find an electric atmosphere on the floor and more high-stakes games than you could ever need. So you could say they are two sides of the same coin – huge, indulgent, lovely to look at, but one with all the adrenaline, and the other with all the relaxation.

Sun City, Johannesburg

Sun City, Johannesburg

Sun City Casino vs Gary Player Health Spa

This popular resort near Johannesburg has some particularly grand hotels, and the Sun City Casino is the heart, with busy tables, plenty of slot machines and that all-important buzz until the wee hours. If the casino is the heart then the health spa is the soul. Part of the Gary Player Country Club, there are more than enough treatments to spend a week indulging whilst your gambling guy or gal burns the midnight oil!



Conrad Treasury Casino vs Stephanies Spa Retreat

Queensland’s Gold Coast is known for its play-hard vibe, with more theme parks than you can shake a stick at. But nowhere does it get more serious than the Conrad Treasury Casino. 24-hour gambling meets entertainment, all wrapped up in two of Australia’s oldest heritage buildings, complete with grand and ornate décor. Stephanies Spa Retreat is also pretty grand, but in a more modern, sleek and relaxing way. For the ultimate escape, try the Opal Rasul Temple for a mud bath or a tropical rain shower!

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo Casino vs Les Therms Marins de Monte Carlo

The Monte Carlo Casino is Monaco’s top tourist attraction, and it has a history stretching all the way back to 1863. Designed by the same architect as the Paris Opera House, expect something very special indeed. Just don’t expect to break the bank – they fixed their biased roulette wheel a LONG time ago. Les Therms Marins de Monte Carlo is also something a bit special, with four storeys looking out over the sea, decked out in all the finery you would expect if you’re after the glamorous Monaco lifestyle.


IK’s World Trip

Grosvenor G Casino vs Le Petit Spa

Gambling laws have been somewhat relaxed over the past years in the UK, meaning you no longer have to head overseas for a night at the tables. Grosvenor G Casino operates 24-hour slot machines and the busiest poker room in the North of England, all amongst stylish surroundings, with entertainment laid on too. Le Petit Spa is also smaller than the others we’ve looked at, but perfectly formed. There are plenty of treatments to soothe, relax and whisk you away from the hectic city centre.

So whether you’re a player or a pamperer, fancy a trip to Las Vegas, Johannesburg, Brisbane, or more, we’ve done the hard work – so you can play as hard as you like.

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