Olympic Torch Passes dealchecker

Something amazing happened today. dealcheckers came into work early. But not because we couldn’t wait to get stuck into checking ’em deals, instead it was because the Olympic torch relay passed within just a few feet of dealchecker HQ.

Yes, we do know we’re nothing special, what with the route passing within an hour of 95% of the population and all. But we’re so worked up about the Olympics by this point that we thought we’d share our rubbish, blurry, people-getting-in-the-way shots anyhow. Please feel free to share your own too!

Olympic Torch - Warm Up
By Alice – Man on a mini bicycle warms up the crowd before the torch passes through

Olympic Torch - Getting Nearer
By Em – Torch is getting closer to the dealcheckers…

Olympic Torch Bearer Running
By Alice – Olympic torch passing through

Olympic Torch - bearer 2
By Andy – torch is still going

Olympic Torch - kissing
By Andy – The torches kissing – the flame is passed to the next torch bearer

Olympic Torch - torchbearer off
By Mark – The next torchbearer sets off

Olympic Torch - last
By Joe – Last view of the torch from a dealchecker

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