Travel Tunes: Our Roadtrip Playlist!

Why, you may ask,  is there a picture of Mr Klaus listening to music at the top of this blog post? Well, it’s nearly Christmas which means BY LAW*, every possible subject must somehow be laced with festive cheer, even if Christmas really has nothing to do with, well, anything at all.

However, this post IS all about music, and more specifically, road trip tunes! I asked the dealchecker office for their top road trip tune, and what resulted is the weirdest playlist I’ve seen this year. Shakespeare may have called music the food of love, but we say hold the schmaltz Will – the only thing music is feeding is our next cross country wheel marathon…

Image by Nicholas_T

Zoe: Shantel, Disko Boy reminds me of dancing and cocktails in Portugal!

Amelia: Iris  by the Goo Goo Dolls  reminds me of back packing around Cuba and doing nothing but sitting on a beach for three days drinking Cuba Libres with a bunch of Aussies!

Liz: Free Bird by Lynard Skynard reminds me of summers working and generally messing around on Martha’s Vineyard!

Ergun:  Black Eyed Peas Boom Boom Pow always gets me in the mood for summer!

Caz: The boys of summer – for obvious reasons!

Vanessa:  A song called “The Pina Colada Song”. Me and my boyfriend continually sang this in lLnzarote (mostly me). Funnily enough though the Pina Coladas at our hotel were awful!

Jenny: Springsteen, Born to Run, everytime. It reminds me of Seattle and is perfect for a long, winding road trip!

Marek: Europe – The Final Countdown is my ultimate tune for speeding  down the open road. There’s something…triumphant about it.

Image by aditza121

Joe: Eye Know by Del a Soul is a great song for lazing around by the pool!

Luis: The Offspring’s Conspiracy of one album reminds me of driving on a friend’s jeep at 170 km/h to his countryside place in Portugal in temperatures of 36-40C. Great combination.

Em: It’s got to be Road Trippin’ by Red Hot Chili Peppers…on a surf road trip, listening to a song about a surf road trip, just hoping the next turn will take you to beach with surf, not someone’s house where you have to do a u-turn on their front lawn!

Fancy having a listen to our ultimate playlist on our Last FM? Here it is, in all its random glory!


*For those who need a Sense of Humour® in their stocking this year, this definitely isn’t the law.

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