Where Are We Going In 2013?

As we all know, New Year is a time to make resolutions that you’ll keep for…oh, three weeks or so, if they haven’t gone out of the window already. However, when it comes to your steadfast resolve that this year you WILL go away for a fantastic holiday – well, that’s one promise that’s somehow easier to keep than giving up chocolate or going to the gym three times a week.

To get some inspiration for my own travels, I asked people in the office where they plan to go in 2013. As it turns out (although this should come as no surprise), we’re an intrepid bunch, already counting down the days till our next adventures. Here’s what we’ll be doing when we’re not working hard to bring you the best travel deals on the web:

Ali: Economic situation permitting, I’m planning road trips across Europe during the summer. Because I’m getting old and need to do something like that before I’m 30.

Prague Bridges
Prague’s Bridges © Bondz

Rob: I’ve got a tour of Argentina planned, starting off in Buenos Aires, heading to Iguazu Falls and exploring the vineyards and mountains in Mendoza, before finishing off in Cordoba.

Vineyards of Mendoza
Vineyards of Mendoza, Argentina © javarman

Zoé: In March I’m off on a road trip in Thailand, from Bangkok to Chang Mai and Pai, Phuket, Ko Phi Phi, Ko Lanta and Ko Phangam. I also want to check out the festivals in Croatia and Serbia this summer, if I can get my friends on board.

Ko Phi Phi Thailand
Ko Phi Phi, Thailand © Chirasak Tolertmongkol

Em: I’m planning on going to rural Germany to see my school exchange friend who lives near Bad Hersfeld. That sounds very boring compared to you adventurous types. GREEN with ENVY.

German countryside
German countryside © Pi-Lens

Joe: I’m going skiing in the Alps in a couple of weeks. I might go to Beijing to see a friend studying there, so I guess I’ll see all the temples and that. Also, I saw In Bruges over the holiday so now I want to go to Bruges.

Beijing temple
Beijing temple © Claudine Van Massenhove

Mark: European road trip (not with Ali!), stopping in Strasbourg to see friends, driving through Germany, camping by an Austrian lake just outside Innsbruck and then heading back through France.

Strasbourg, France © Leonid Andronov

Amelia: I’m going to Copenhagen with the girls to drink beer and go shopping. Then it’s skiing in France, and a summer holiday to Greece for my cousin’s wedding. And if I’m lucky, I’ll be going to Lapland to go husky sledding and see the Northern Lights for my birthday.

Northern Lights
Northern Lights © Jens Ottoson

Alice: My big adventure for 2013 is going travelling in India for two weeks. I’m going to be cruising the Kerala backwaters in a houseboat, lazing on the Goa beaches, riding the rails and hopefully seeing wild elephants. I expect to see a lot of amazing palaces and ruins too with stops at Mysore, Mumbai and Hampi – But only if I remember to get my visa sorted in time!

Kerala backwaters India
Houseboat on the Kerala backwaters, India © Pikoso.kz

As for me, I’m banking on a trip to New Zealand next Christmas, and I clearly need to get booking some cheap flights! I know just where to start.

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