Pick Of the Real Deals: Relaxation Station

Stressed and wearied wanderer, exhausted nine-to-fiver, I ask you this: what could be better than soaking your creaking, central-line battered bones in a cascade of frothing bubbles before blissing out for an hour underneath the fingertips of an expert masseuse?

Well…when you put it like that! Champneys Health Resort are offering a scrumptious sounding overnight spa break which we’re pretty sure could soothe even the most troubled of trainwrecks. And besides, Champneys just sound glamorous, doesn’t it? It immediately brings to mind a perfectly chilled glass of Champagne, which everyone knows is the preferable way to relax after a day spent battling the world.

You’ll pay £164 per person, which will net you luxurious overnight accommodation, plus a sumptuous Champneys Aromatherapy Body Wrap and a soothing Champneys Facial. And that’s not all – you’ll also get a three-course evening meal, a buffet breakfast and a three-course buffet lunch, too! If you’re not chilled as an ice cube after that gift-wrapped package of relaxation, we recommend therapy, and lots of it…

It’s only available in April, so get yourself booking pronto before some other stress monkey beats you to it. Check it out here.

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