Tropics or Med? Where To Find These Beaches?

These beaches all look rather exotic with their dreamy sandy shores and crystal clear seas. But you may be surprised as some are actually located closer to us than you might think! Can you tell which belong on the shores of the Mediterranean and which are somewhere a lot more tropical?

Answers are at the bottom

Beach 1:

Mystery beach 1

Beach 2:

Mystery beach 2

Beach 3:

Mystery beach 3

Beach 4:

Mystery beach 4

Beach 5:

Mystery beach 5

Beach 6:

Mystery beach 6

Beach 7:

Mystery beach 7

Beach 8:

Mystery beach 8

Beach 9:

Mystery beach 9

Beach 10:

Mystery beach 10



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The Answers:

Mondello Sicily Beach 1: Med!
This is the beautiful Mondello seaside on the Italian island of Sicily.
Balos Crete Beach 2: Med!
Bit easier perhaps? This is Balos off the coast of Crete in Greece – It’s been called the Maldives of the Mediterranean!
Grand Anse Grenada Beach 3: Caribbean
An empty shot of Grand Anse beach on the stunning Caribbean island of Grenada
Formantera Spain Beach 4: Med!
This beautiful blue sea is found at Els Pujols on Formentera – one of the smaller Balearic Islands
Lipe Thailand Beach 5: Thailand
The mountain resort beach at Lipe island in Thailand
Vatersay Beach 6: Scotland
Yes we cheated. This one is neither Med or tropical – but just goes to show you can find beautiful white-sand beaches everywhere. This is the Isle of Vatersay in the Hebrides.
Elafonisi Beach 7: Med!
Back by Crete you can bathe on pink beaches on the island of Elafonisi – Who needs the Bahamas, huh?
Cala Gat Majorca Beach 8: Med!
This is actually a rather tropical shot of Cala Gat beach on Majorca.
Zanzibar Beach 9: Zanzibar
This blinding white sand belongs on Zanzibar
Santorini Beach 10: Med!
No need to go all that way to Hawaii when you can bathe on exotic black sands on the the Greek island of Santorini.
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