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You lot have been buying more and more twin centre holidays over the past few years, and here at dealchecker we think you’re on to a winner. If you’ve not tried one yet, you really should – and if you’re a veteran of the twin centre deal then we’ve found the latest trends in destinations for you.

Why Go on a Twin Centre Holiday?

Varadero beach with sunlounger

The main reason to go on a twin centre holiday is a subject that’s close to our heart – great value! You pay for one long-haul flight and you get to see two destinations. There are other reasons too. It’s a great way to compromise on beach vs culture or relaxation vs sightseeing, and you get to do and see more on your holiday than you might do otherwise. Generally at least 10 nights long, and usually around 14 nights, you also get a big chunk of time off work to leave all your stresses behind.

Classic Twin Centre Holidays

Old Havana street scene
HavanaMy Huy Streetphotography

The classic twin centre holidays all have one thing in common – your time is shared between incredible culture and stunning beaches. Like a Chanel suit or a little black dress, they are classic for a reason! Cuba twin centre holidays are split between the capital of Havana, where 50s American cars mix with old Spanish architecture, and the amazing white sandy beaches of the coast, usually in Varadero or Guardalavaca. And Egypt deals will see you cruising the Nile and taking in sights like the Temple of Luxor followed by time spent exploring the coral reefs of the Red Sea. Thailand is similar too, with many people sharing their time between bustling Bangkok and one of the many picture-perfect beaches.

Cheapest Twin Centre Holidays

View from Diocletian's Palace

With the vast majority of twin centre deals involving a long-haul flight, they are never going to be as cheap as a fortnight on the Costa del Sol, but we’ve been spotting some really cheap prices nonetheless. Probably the cheapest of all is Split and Havar in Croatia, featuring the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Split and then, of course, the beaches of Havar. New York and the beaches of Cancun is another great value itinerary on offer at the moment, as well as the Egyptian Nile Cruise and Red Sea package. Excitingly, we’ve also spied lots of cheap Africa deals – that’s a holiday split between going on safari and relaxing on the white sandy beaches of Zanzibar.

New Twin Centre Itineraries

Great Wall of China in Autumn
Great Wall of ChinaFrancisco Diez

With the upsurge in people taking twin centre holidays has come a whole raft of new twin centre deals, making it easier than ever to explore all over the world, all in the space of a neatly packaged two-week trip. Sharing your time between Jaipur and Goa in India gets you the Taj Mahal and beach-based relaxation, and Costa Rica twin centre holidays have really taken off too, these are split between the rainforest and the coast. If one beach just isn’t enough then how about the Seychelles and the Maldives? China’s getting easier to visit too, with the Great Wall of China trips paired with the beaches of Sanya or the bright lights of Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur holidays are being shared with the beaches of Bali or the wildlife of Borneo.

Going Further: Multi Centre Holidays

North Shore beach at sunset

Once you’ve taken a twin centre holiday or two then the only next step is to amp-up the number of destinations on your agenda. The most popular is New York – Las Vegas – Hawaii, which would certainly be something to tell the kids about! South Africa is jam-packed with great multi centre opportunities too, with trips like Cape Town – Garden Route – Safari the stuff dreams are made from. These days, tour companies are much better set up to provide you with a tailor-made itinerary too, without the added expense that you would have expected in the past. You can even book online, so get packing!


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