Greece: Where’s Hot in 2014

Aside from its blue seas, many beaches and (almost) guaranteed sunshine – there’s one more thing that keeps us coming back to Greece, and that’s just how many new places there are to explore! Each summer sees a new “must-see” destination and here are ones to watch for in 2014.


And old town in Paros

Beaches and a great nightlife are a winning combination in our book, and that’s just what you’ll find in Paros – alongside traditional chapels and stunning nature. Expect windy conditions – it’s the destination for the Windsurfing World Cup, handy if you fancy a go – which will keep the crowds smaller even at the peak of summer.


A room with a view over to Athens

This island has long been a favourite weekend getaway for Athenians and as you might expect, it’s easy and cheap to get here from Athens, making a great city and beach combo holiday. Expect 18th century mansions, art galleries galore and some stunning beaches as well.


amazing landscape

Featuring beaches in nearly every colour under the sun, this volcanic island boasts a landscape like no other. Head to the ancient ruins in Tripiti to see where the Venus de Milo came from and hire a car to explore the tiny whitewashed villages that dot the red, brown and white rocky landscape.


bright houses

This Greek island is bijou – the smallest permanently inhabited island, it’s dotted with brightly coloured houses. You can hike up the hill to see Turkey and it’s got a larger and better Blue Grotto than the famous one in Capri, just don’t tell everyone!


arriving by sea
Dave Lonsdale

This small port town on the Greek mainland is set to become part of the international partying must-do list. It’s been added as a destination on the Greece Yacht Week tour which means you can expect huge events and big crowds – avoid this week if you want to have it all to yourself.

Front page image: Jacopo Della Porta

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