If Greek Gods Were Greek Islands

We’re feeling romantic, whimsical and in the mood to worship a few Greek Gods and Goddesses… by heading off to the Greek island that best represents them, of course! There are plenty of tasty deals to Greece out there right now too, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Aphrodite – Kefalonia

aphrodite statue and kefalonia beach
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Aphrodite is the Goddess of beauty and whilst the list of potential winners for the award of Most Beautiful Greek Island is about as long as, well, the list of Greek islands, we’ve whittled it down to just one – Kefalonia. Mainly because Myrtos Beach often wins awards like the Best Beach on the Med. There are plenty more stunners to discover as well so this is a great location to splash out on a hire car.

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Apollo – Paros

apollo statue and paros waterfront
ell brown

If you want to combine sunbathing, eating and some local art then Paros is where you should go – and we think Apollo, Greek God of music, arts and poetry, would agree. The Aegean Centre for Fine Arts sits in a (naturally) beautiful building in Paros Town and the rest of the island is pretty gorgeous too, providing plenty of inspiration for your arty side – even if that just means your holiday snaps.

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Athena – Lemnos

athena statue and lemnos beach sunset
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Intelligence and skill are the hallmarks of Athena and she’s also the Goddess of handicrafts. All that adds up to Lemnos being the smart choice for her island, with its profusion of local crafters who make ceramics, jewellery and many more crafts that are just begging you to buy them as a souvenir. Save some of your money for the island’s top sights like the legendary cave of Philoctetes and the Medieval Castle of Myrina too though!

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Hades – Lesvos

hades painting and lesvos view
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Hades gets a bad rep as God of the underworld but he’s also the God of the earth’s wealth – so he’s to thank for all the delicious produce on the Greek islands. Lesvos is best known for being the home of Ouzo, producing 70% of it all, as well as for its incredible olive oil. So you could do a lot worse than take a holiday here to eat, drink and be merry! Make sure you try the local seafood, and if you’re planning on sampling plenty of Ouzo make sure you get a side of mezedes, that’s the plural of meze don’t you know!

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Hera – Mykonos and Santorini

hera statue and mykonos waterfront
dalbera / L. Richard Martin, Jr.

Since Mykonos and Santorini are often called the King and Queen of the Cyclades islands, Hera, Goddess of marriage and kings would likely approve of these two sticking together! Between them, they offer pretty much everything that the Greek islands are known for – stunning scenery, incredible sunsets, delicious food, hedonistic partying and amazing beaches. We can’t pick between them, and why should you – there are daily ferries between them from £83 return!

Keep worshipping in Santorini from £289 per person or in Mykonos

Poseidon – Paxos

poseidon statue and paxos blue caves
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Poseidon is God of the sea, and in tiny Paxos, one of the smallest of the Greek islands, there are plenty of water-based adventures to be had. Head to Gaios and embark on a blue cave tour to see some of the most stunning spots on the island. On dry land you’ll find a beautiful olive-tree scattered landscape and a chilled-out vibe. This is definitely a spot for lazy days and quiet nights.

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Zeus – Crete

zeus statue and crete panorama
dalbera / vintagedept

With sunshine aplenty across the Greek islands, Zeus, God of the sky and weather, is clearly smiling on them all. None of those trademark Zeus lightning bolts please, with Crete perhaps one of the best loved of these sunny spots. It’s easy to see why, with busy resorts, chilled out beaches, and its unusual Minoan history, plus we’ve been spotting plenty of cheap sunshine deals as well!

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Hermes – Lefkas

aphrodite statue and kefalonia beach
hpeguk / nouregef

As Hermes is the God of travel, I’m sure he’d be pleased to go on a Greek islands cruise but he’s also the God of athletics. This sporty type will be at home in Lefkas, which is one of the best places in the world to learn windsurfing, as well as to try your hand at new-kid-on-the-block, kitesurfing. This adrenaline-fuelled sport involves strapping yourself to a surfboard and using a kite to sail across the water…and sometimes up in the air!

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Let us know what Greek island you are!


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