The Evolution of Holiday Fashion

Here at dealchecker, we love a bit of comparison. Holiday deals are our speciality (of course) however we thought we’d take our skills a step further and compare the world of fashion (darling). From swimwear styles to vivid accessories, we’ve put together a century’s worth of holiday snaps to track the evolution (and resurgence) of outfits throughout the years.

Whether it’s in the name of fashion or function, here are our favourite holiday looks to have defined the decades.

1911: Head-to-Toe Coverage

holiday fashion - 1911
via flickr by Seattle Municipal Archives

This is what people wore on the beach. No bikinis or speedos in sight!

1927: Drop Waistlines

holiday fashion - 1927
via flickr by gregorywass

With these bob cuts and drop waist dresses, there’s no doubt this is a 1920s day out.

1935: Belted Cossies

holiday fashion - 1935
via flickr by gbaku

In the 1930s, belts were a swimming staple.

1942: High Waistlines

holiday fashion - 1942
via flickr by linek

This ruffled two piece swimsuit with high-waisted bottoms match the typical style for a 1940s afternoon in the sun.

1955: Conservative Chic

holiday fashion - 1955

The floral sundress and bonnet all make for the classic 1950s summer look.

1958: Pin-Up Swimsuit

holiday fashion - 1958

This strapless pin-up piece is bang on trend for a day at the beach in the ’50s.

1969: Denim Shirt

holiday fashion - 1969
via flickr by Lisgirl

This denim shirt (a trend recently revisited by many) is a sure sign that this is a ’60s beach break.

1973: Mini Skirt

holiday fashion - 1973

If the pigtails didn’t give it away, the pink patterned mini skirt is a true reflection of the disco era.

1981: Ringer V-Neck

holiday fashion - 1981

The high-waisted gym shorts, long socks and ringer V-neck are all tell-tale signs that this is a classic 1980s holiday look. We also love Mum’s jumper – tied around her waist in true ’80s form.

1989: Colour-Blocked Ski Suit

holiday fashion - 1989

We think you’ll agree that this colour blocking ski suit and shield shades has ’80s alpine written all over it.

1990: Fluorescent Prints

holiday fashion - 1990

In true Fresh Prince of Bel-Air style, the early ’90s was all about the mismatched prints, baggy shorts with bright green, pink and yellows being particularly popular (especially together). Guess you could say, that’s just how we rolled back then!

1992: Shorts & Culottes

holiday fashion - 1992

From Dad’s khaki shorts and striped polo to his wayfarers, this Orlando holiday snap screams nineties. Our favourite though? The printed horse T-shirt and pink denim shorts. No, the orange culottes. No, the socks… They’re all brilliantly retro aren’t they?

1993: Frilly Socks with Slip-On Shoes

holiday fashion - 1993

Of course, no ’90s holiday homage would be complete without this pair of folded-over frilly socks with slip-on shoes combo.

1994: Timberland Boots (Twin Style)

holiday fashion - 1994

Remember the popular Nickelodeon TV series Sister Sister? Well this is the real life version. Funny how Timberland boots have made a comeback recently – not to mention the Aztec jumpers!

1995: Tie-Dye

holiday fashion - 1995

We can’t decide which ’90s trend makes this gem of a photo. The tie-dye dresses or the ultimate ’90s accessory – mum’s bum bag? We’ll let you be the judge on that one.

1996: Bum Bags

holiday fashion - 1996

What’s better than one bum bag? Two of course! We just hope they packed their Tamagotchis!

1998: Stripes

holiday fashion - 1998

Apparently, stripes (and polo shirts) were a big hit that year.

2001: Camisoles

holiday fashion - 2001

This California-cool beach look was a big trend of the noughties with sunhats, drawstring shorts and of course, camisoles popping up on the high streets. Not the most practical attire for an English climate though.

2005: Triangular Bikini Tops

holiday fashion - 2005

Halter and triangle bikini tops and board shorts? Smells like the noughties!

2014: It’s All About the Comebacks

holiday fashion - 2014

As you can see, denim shirts and striped polos are back! Return of the Ray-Ban wayfarers? Double check!

Any other holiday fashion trends you can remember?

Header image credit: Atomic Mutant Flea Circus via flickr

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