A Whole World of Cute

There’s a whole world out there, but if the internet is any guide about 99.9% of it is adorable kittens and cats stuck in boxes.

However we know for a fact even cuter animals do exist – here’s where you need to travel to to find them.

Squirrel monkey

squirrel monkey family

Where to find them: The rainforests of Bolivia, Peru and Brazil. Try flying to Manaus for an Amazonian adventure.

Bring along a banana snack if you want to have a close encounter with these cheeky cuties – although they’re not shy about helping themselves:


penguins, boulder's beach

Where to find them: Penguins and people share the sands at Boulder’s Beach near Cape Town in South Africa


baby orangutan

Where to find them: You can only find wild Orangutans in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra

Proof of cuteness:


sleeping koala

Where to find them: Australia’s most cuddly marsupial lives along the east coast, so you could fly to Sydney or Brisbane.



Where to find them: The endangered panda still lives in some mountain ranges in central China – but they’re not easy to find.

Any excuse to post this cuteness:



Where to find them: The rainforest reserves of Costa Rica are a good place to spot these lazy fellas hanging out.

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