Pick of The Real Deals: All Inc Turkey – Tiny Price!

How much do you think you need to spend to get an all inclusive week on a Turkish beach?

Well, we’ve just stumbled upon a deal that will get you away from only £249 per person. Don’t believe us? The proof is right here.

And before you think that it must be cutting corners somewhere (perhaps you have to swim there yourself?) we can confirm we’ve checked the deal out and:

  • Return flights (with luggage!) are included
  • Transfers are included
  • You can even fly out on weekend dates

In fact the only thing that is missing is 30% of the normal price!

You can buy this wonder-deal from Globehunters, and accommodation will be at the Rota Samoy Hotel, in the incredibly popular resort of Marmaris.

Rota Samoy Hotel

Whilst it’s not the most luxurious hotel we’ve ever featured (check out this Mauritius offer if you’re looking for luxury), you’ll definitely be getting all the essentials you need for a beach break:

  • Own pool with sundeck
  • Air-conditioned room with a private balcony
  • Free wireless Internet
  • Just five minutes’ walk from the long sandy beach

Plus because it’s all inclusive board you needn’t spend a penny more, if you don’t want too. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served in the onsite restaurant, and you can drink all the local branded drinks you want from the hotel bar.

Rota Samoy Hotel Room

But with all the cash that you’ll be saving, you really should consider treating yourself to a night partying along the Marmaris Strip, or perhaps a trip to Marmaris waterpark?

See this deal, along with 19 other fab offers in our weekly Real Deals round up. New deals we’ve found are released each Wednesday.
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