Paradise Cost: A Price Comparison!

We don’t know about you, but we’re quite fond of our arms and legs. With that being the case, we’re not really willing to lose either to pay for a hotel room, however fancy-schmancy it may be. However, we get that sometimes you just want to push the boat out – sometimes right out onto your very own private island resort.

But have you thought about how much you could get for the same price as that super-glam hotel stay? To demonstrate, we’ve picked out our favourite paradise destinations and the cost of a one-night stay at one of their fanciest five-star offerings – and given you the cheapskate’s thrifty alternative to show you just how far that same amount of cash could go! Let us know in the comments: are you Team Blowout or Team Budget?!


Enjoy a one-night Barbados stay in a Standard room at uber-luxurious celeb-haunt Sandy Lane: fr £700 per night…



…Or blow your £700 on:

  • Five nights at the quaint Sea-U Guest house, with breakfast every morning (£96 per night)
  • An evening meal at glamorous Champers Restaurant (£45 per person)
  • Deep sea diving session for two people at Underwater Barbados (£44 per person)
  • Two entrance tickets to Harrison’s Cave (£20 per person)

The Maldives

Stay in a Beach Pool Villa at the Velaa Private Island resort: fr £900+ per night



…Or £900 could get you:

  • Seven nights at The Amazing Noovilu Guest House (£70 per night)
  • …Including three home-cooked Maldivian meals per day
  • Snorkeling with Manta Rays (£20 per person)
  • A fancy meal for two at the Lighthouse Restaurant (£70 per person)
  • Two full body massages at the Coconut Spa (£40 per person)
  • Night fishing excursion for two (£30 per person)
  • One diving lesson per person (£45 per person)



Relax in the lap of luxury at the Paradisus Rio De Ora Resort and Spa in Cuba: fr £250 per night…



…Or spend your £250 on…

  • Three nights at the Bellvue Deauvilla Hotel in Havana (£30 per night)
  • Feast on a home-cooked meal at local house-restaurant La Cocina de Lilliam (£20 per person)
  • A night out of drinking at dancing in bars like Bar Monserrate (approx. £40 for two people)
  • A tour around the city in a classic Cuban car (£30 per person approx)



Bliss out for one night at the Banyan Tree Ungasan Resort in a villa its own ten metre infinity pool: fr £400 per night



…Or blow £400 on:

  • Seven nights at the Tegal Sari Hotel in Ubud with breakfast (£30 per night)
  • Three days worth of spa treatments at local spas for two people (£30 per person)
  • Swanky meal for two at Kafe Warinson Restaurant (fr £50 per person)
  • Surfing lessons for two (£37 each)


Would you rather one night in heaven or getting plenty of bang for your buck?!

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