Where Are We Going This Summer?

For people who think about travel for a living, it’s only natural that we get itchy feet from time to time. And with the May bank holidays behind us and promises of hot, sunny weather tantalisingly close (despite the sogginess of the last few days), our thoughts are fast turning to how to spend our free time over the summer months.

Having sorted some of my summer but always being on the lookout for travel inspiration (definitely not just being nosy), I asked around the office to see who else is taking advantage of the cheap holidays we deal hunters have at our fingertips. Not surprisingly, it’s quite a few of us! Here’s where we’ll be when we’re not bringing you the best travel deals on the web.

Rob: I’m going to Dour Festival in Belgium in July. There’s a great mix of new and vintage acts, with everything from electro to hip hop, there’ll be plenty of chips, and to top it off I even get to stay in a shed! I’m also off to Israel in late August for a mate’s wedding.

Dour Festival, Belgium
Dour Festival © flexbox

Vanessa: I’ll be sun-seeking in Agadir in Morocco next month and then will be topping up my tan on my first party holiday to Ibiza in August (a bit nervous about that last one!). I’m also planning a long weekend to Berlin at some point in the summer.

Sandy beach, Agadir
Sandy beach, Agadir © Olga_Anourina

Alice: I’ll be off to Glasto as always. An almost-week in Barcelona. And maaaaaaybe New York?

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
La Sagrada Familia © Luciano Mortula / Shutterstock.com

Rosie: So far, the only plan I’ve made for this summer is to go to Glasto for the first time. However, I have just come back from a dreamy holiday in Borneo, so I’m hardly feeling sorry for myself! (You can read all about Rosie’s Bornean adventure here.)

Glastonbury Festival
Glastonbury Pyramid © Andrew Parnell

Marek: I’m going to start walking! (We should clarify that Marek isn’t just being spectacularly unambitious in his summer plans. He’s had a leg in plaster for the last month or two after coming a cropper on the basketball court.)

Trail runner on top of mountain
Marek’s summer plan © Blazej Lyjak

Paige: I’m another one of dealchecker’s festival fans. My summer begins with Field Day in June at Victoria Park in London, and ends with Bestival on the Isle of Wight in September. And I’m hoping to fit a trip to Porto in between!

Porto, Portugal
Porto © Shchipkova Elena

Simon: I don’t have anything planned for the summer. Let’s all feel sorry for Si. (Though Simon recently spent a fab long weekend in Moscow, and so we don’t feel that sorry for him, we agree a summer that’s devoid of plans can be a drag. If you’re in the same boat, check out our Real Deals and start filling up that calendar.)

St Basil's Cathedral, Moscow
St Basil’s Cathedral © Marco Saracco

Mark: I’m off to Greece on a South Ionian flotilla sailing holiday, followed by a weekend sightseeing in Florence, a day out to Alton Towers and camping at Rutland Water for even more sailing.

South Ionian Flotilla
Greek Regatta © Nikos Psychogios

Hannah: I’ve just returned from a week in Turkey and I’m already dreaming about my next sunny getaway. In the meantime, I’ll be checking out the Fairport Convention in Banbury and plan to spend plenty of time in various London parks and beer gardens.

Greenwich Park
Greenwich Park © Nadiia Gerbish

As for me, in a few days I’m off to Lake Como. Hopefully I’ll have time for sunbathing and hearty Italian fare in between George Clooney sightings. And in August I’m going to Orlando to check out the new Disney rides – all in the name of research, naturally.

Lake Como, Italy
Menaggio, Lake Como © Boris Stroujko

Feeling inspired for your next getaway? Check out this week’s top 20 handpicked travel deals and bag a bargain. Happy holidays!

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