Holiday Review: Five-Star Sun in Antalya

A week ago today I was sunning myself in a five-star resort in Turkey, gazing out over a mountain-lined coastline and only occasionally disturbing to reach down for my red ruby cocktail.

That’s the annoying thing about holidays – they have to end…

Now, back at the dealchecker desk, with my grey London view, I am suffering from a serious case of post-holiday blues – and am already daydreaming off my next trip away. I do however have a sun-kissed tan (somewhat subjective) a collection of (unflattering) bikini photographs, plenty of stunning scenery pics and (most importantly) a week’s worth of great memories.

Pool Turkey

I was lucky enough to spend seven sun-soaked days (and a half-rainy day) in beautiful Antalya on the south coast of Turkey. As soon as we (my sister and I) left the airport I was struck by how modern this bustling Turkish city is! According to tourism officials this spot of Turkish coastline has seen a huge rise in tourism in the past decade. It’s also received the prestigious Blue Flag award and is home to 163 award-winning beaches out of 286 in Turkey – not bad huh?

And with the high quality of the hotels, it’s not hard to see why tourists love it so much. We stayed at the 5* star Ramada Plaza Antalya, which, with a whopping 11 floors (not including the five that are underground) and an interesting architectural design, can be a bit overwhelming at first. However, this is soon put to bed once you enter inside and find plenty of private areas, incredible facilities (including a whole floor dedicated to a spa) a choice of three restaurants, snack areas, a British-style pub and an inviting chandelier-framed bar. It’s nothing short of impressive and definitely reached the standards we were hoping for!

Old Town Antayla

Now while Turkey is renowned for sunny weather, we did wake up mid-holiday to rain and cloudy skies, much to our disappointment! We therefore decided (instead of lounging by the pool and downing cocktails – gets very moreish) to head out to the nearby Old Town. And I was glad we did – as by the time we reached it, the skies had cleared and we were bathed in sunshine amidst dainty cobbled streets, pretty markets and sweet-smelling cafes. Instant mood lifter! We spent a couple of hours roaming and soaking up the atmosphere, before heading back for some (more) pool time.

cats and sunset turkey

But, despite all this loveliness, in my opinion (feel free to call me a crazy cat lady) one of the best things about the hotel and its surrounds, was the fact that outside areas were filled to the brim with cats – really cute cats! This quickly resulted in stolen buffet food and regular feeding times. I wasn’t alone. The cats have got their puppy-dog (kitten-cat) eyes down to a T and along with desperate meows for attention, many a tourist soon succumbed to their demands. My absolute fave were a pair of friendly ginger kittens who I desperately wanted to take home with me!

So as mentioned before, I am now back in London town (without kittens – boo) and spending my time seeking out dreamy holidays at bargain prices. It’s a recipe for restless feet and I know my next trip will HAVE to be just around the corner!

If you too are feeling a serious case of wanderlust and deserve to give in, then this week we have an array of tempting travel deals at bargain prices! I’m desperately trying to restrain myself for a week or two. NOT EASY.

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