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We like a party here at dealchecker and if we get the chance to jet off to another country to do it – then all the better. With a diverse range of venues to let loose and the liberal mood around the city; Berlin, the capital of Germany, offers a good range of places to go wild and party until the early hours. Here are some of our favourites.

The Matrix, Warschauer Platz



You won’t find Keanu Reeves donned in black sunglasses doing the two step, but you will find a vibrant crowd with no pretences who are ready to dance the night away. Once you’re inside The Matrix, it feels more underground neon green bunker than nightclub. The atmosphere, relatively cheap drinks and cracking R’n’B and Funky house music makes a night here one to remember. Don’t even think about arriving before 1.30am though – they party late here.

Entry Fee: €10


Weekend, Alexanderstraße


Located in Berlin’s central Mitte neighbourhood, on the weekends this club takes over the 12th, 15th and rooftop terrace floors of the Haud Des Reisens building and becomes a club called – you guessed it, – The Weekend.

The music on offer is a mixture of modern popular music, techno and soulful house. The first thing you’ll probably notice on arrival is the blacked-out windows. They stay this way until the sun comes up, at this point the music stops, the curtains are raised and there are zombie-esque scenes with groans all round as everyone adjusts to the light. Five-minutes later it’s back to partying until 11.00am when the club closes.

Entry Fee: €10


KitKat Club, Kopenicker Strasse

Things you shouldn’t do in (NSFW) Kit Kat club: Show up in your regular clothes. You’ll have to spend the rest of your night in your white shirt and British Homes Stores branded boxer shorts whilst everyone else is wearing interesting leather attire.

Things you should do: have an open mind and party away like you’re an animal. One for fetish and techno music lovers, the Kit Kat club is an uninhibited slice of hedonism that has many dance floors, a massage room and a swimming pool. It will be one of the weirdest places you’ve ever visited.

Entry Fee: €10

Chalet, Kreuzberg


Imagine a nightclub built in a beautiful mansion that is over 150-years old. That’s exactly what you will get at Chalet. The style is vintage lamps, country style sofas and classic patterned wallpaper. The music is techno and dance; the crowd is lively hipsters. There are two floors with dance rooms, and there is even an outside dance floor – which is particularly fun in the summer.

Entry Fee: €6-10




Everything about this club screams high class. From the upmarket decoration, to the well-dressed staff members. But with this being Berlin, don’t expect the same from the crowd – it’s diverse and friendly. The music is varied, expect to hear the latest hip-hop tracks all the way to ultimate cheese in the form of the Ghostbusters theme music. We did say it was diverse.

Entry Fee: €10-15

/:// about blank, Markgrafendamm

about blank

No our keyboard didn’t go crazy, /:// about blank is a nightclub in Berlin where they play music that caters to most of the crowds who go in search for some fun-filled nights out. One room is for the techno heads – playing the latest techno songs all night, whilst the other is a varied mix of music which includes: pop, R’n’B, hip hop, dance and much more.

If you thought the outside dance floor at Chalet was impressive, here they have a small forest where in the summer they party to the early hours, and in the winter, well, they party until the early hours, just with a bonfire going so you don’t get too cold.

Entry Fee: €2-10


Cookies, Unter den Linden and Friedrichstrasse


The only thing this club is missing is the free milk and cookies they should be handing out on the door to maximise their marketing potential. Cookies offers some of the best underground house in Berlin and has a smaller room where you can find everything from indie to hip hop. There is an upstairs restaurant if you want to begin your night slightly more traditionally – just be prepared to party hard once the food is finished.

Entry Fee: €8


Mobel Olfe, Reichenberger, Straße

mobel olfe

Whilst on a city break to Berlin, if you feel like a night of clubbing, where’s the first place you think of? Probably not a furniture shop. Well Mobel Olfe may change that. This old furniture shop has some of Berlin’s best DJs playing and there are plenty of cheap cocktails to make this night an enjoyable one all round. It is primarily a gay and lesbian club, but such is its popularity, it attracts a mixture of everyone.

Entry Fee: €5-10

Berghain, Am Wriezener Bahnhof

Ewar Woowar

Set in a former power station, Berghain is notoriously known for being incredibly hard to get into. Not because it’s a pretentious affair and is only available to the elite – quite the opposite. The bouncers decide who gets in purely based on who they feel like letting in at that moment, if anything, they turn away people who are over dressed or with a snobbish attitude. It doesn’t sound very fair, but that hasn’t stopped people wanting to go; expect queues to last for almost three hours.

If you are lucky enough to get in, you can look forward to 24-hour parties, a fantastic sound system with unrivalled acoustics and a diverse and energetic crowd.

Entry Fee: €8-14

Watergate, Falckensteinstr

Steffen Sauder

This Watergate has nothing to do with president Nixon scandals – in fact, the only scandal here is the €15 fee you may have to pay on some nights, a fee that is relatively expensive for Berlin. It’s hard to argue it’s not worth it though, once inside you’ll hear sound defying base systems, LED light displays and some of the best underground DJ’s in the business playing house, drum and bass and break-beat. Set on the Spree river – there are also some lovely views of the architecture along the river.

Entry Fee: €8-15

Golden Gate, Schicklerstraße

golden gate
Juska Wendland

Golden Gate isn’t the easiest place to find, it’s hidden beneath the train tracks of Jannowitzbrucke near the Spree. Once you’re inside expect dressed-down crowds and an anything goes atmosphere. The two-storey graffiti-covered building plays thumping breakbeats and techno sounds. Parties can last up to 24 hours.

Entry Fee: €10

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