Under £2: Cheap World Wine… Slurp!

Ah, now we don’t know about you, but here at dealchecker HQ, we love nothing better than a lovely glass of vino come 5pm on a Friday. It’s the best way we’ve found to celebrate the end of a busy dealchecking week. We’re also not adverse to enjoying the odd glass of wine (or two) during our holidays!

Luckily, we’ve discovered that there are lots of lovely destinations where a glass of wine is nothing short of a bargain. So get your palate prepped for some of the world’s cheapest (yet incredibly tasty) wine countries – where a glass will set you back as little as a £1!

Italy fr £1 per glass


Often described as being ‘cheaper than water’, a glass of wine in a local Italian bar or local restaurant can cost as little as a pound. Home to some of oldest wine-producing regions in the world (many of which are incredible beautiful) such as Tuscany, Umbria and Puglia, you’ll not only have access to cheap wine but you’ll have gorgeous views to boot!

Portugal fr £1.20 per glass


Portugal produces some fantastic local wines at incredibly cheap prices, although most are still relatively unknown in the UK. In fact, low-priced wine can even be found in popular resorts such as Albufeira – where soothing backdrops of the Portuguese coastline set the scene exquisitely.

South Africa fr £1.50 per glass


The vineyards near Cape Town and across the Garden Route are deliciously cheap, with a glass of wine setting you back as little as £1.50 and a whole bottle from a meagre £3! Whether you choose a vineyard tour amid the lush terrain and mountains, or enjoy a tipple with a coastal view in Cape Town – the wine, views and prices are all incredible!

Spain fr £1.60 per glass

Often labelled by wine experts as offering ‘affordable quality’ Spain has vineyards dotted all around, providing easy access to a whole host of inexpensive wines. It’s also great territory for a self drive wine tour, starting in Mallorca, through Ribera del Duero and onto La Rioja and Basque Country.

Argentina fr £1.90 per glass


As the fifth largest producer of wine in the world and with Buenos Aires recently producing its own wine, inexpensive tipples are not hard to come by in Argentina. The capital itself makes a great destination for wine sampling, with bars and restaurants offering up an extensive selection.

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