Ask the dealcheckers: Where Are We Going in 2015?

February is here, and we all know what that means: it’s grey, it’s cold, it’s snowy, and therefore, it’s time to start dreaming about holidays! A lucky few of us have already got a few getaways under our belts; Paige and Rosie saw the Northern Lights in Iceland, and Alice is currently sunning herself in Costa Rica. Meanwhile, the rest of us are feeling wistful and pale…

I have one or two plans but am yet to book, so to get some inspiration (and not at all because I’m nosy), I asked around the office where everyone’s going on their getaways this year. And the results didn’t disappoint – well, we are quite a travel-obsessed bunch. Read on to find out where we’ll be when we’re not working hard to bring you the best travel deals on the web.


I’m planning on going to the Philippines. It’s what Thailand used to be 10 years ago, apparently. White-sand beaches, clear seas and scrummy street food, and we haven’t overrun it with tourists yet. I’m also going to island-hop around Greece in the summer.

El Nido Bay, Philippines
El Nido Bay and Cadlao Island, Palawan, Philippines © Pichugin Dmitry


I’m off skiing to the Grand Massif in two weeks, and I’ve got a week’s camping on Venice Lido, at an amazing campsite with tons of pools, right next to the beach and a stone’s throw from the ferry to Venice. Then I’m going back to Salcombe in Devon in the summer to do the Salcombe Town Regatta in August – plenty of building sandcastles, sailing and other activities.

Grand Massif
Morillon, Grand Massif © Yolanta /


I’m going to Miami in four weeks for a beach holiday. It’s also Spring Break – so should be a lot of fun! We are renting a nice apartment beside South Beach. If I’m not too hungover I also want to do an Everglades trip in one of those cool airboat things.

South Beach, Miami
South Beach, Miami © Alexander Demyanenko


I’m planning on following in the footsteps of the Irish explorer, Flynn Murphy, who went on a voyage of self-discovery in the mid-thirteenth century through a big field in the west of Ireland. He got lost.

County Clare
County Clare, Ireland © Stephen Bonk


I was planning on going to Electric Castle, an electronic music festival in Romania, held at a fourteenth-century castle. However I think I’ll also join James if he’s OK with it. Everyone loves a good voyage of self-discovery.

Electric Castle, Romania
Suie Paparude performing at the Electric Castle Festival at Banffy Castle in Bontida, Romania © salajean /


Once I win the lottery next week, I’ll be buying myself a mansion. Mostly to store the private jet I will also buy. And then have someone fly that, and me, to the Seychelles, where I’ll be island-hopping for a week or two.

Anse Lazio Beach, Seychelles © Tatiana Popova


I’m planning a two-week-long road trip in the south of France and northern Spain with close friends of mine this summer. And if I can train to be a pilot in a week (there must be fasttrack courses, right?), I’ll be the one flying Vanessa to the Seychelles.

Girona, Spain
Girona, Spain © Boris Stroujko


Sleeping on a beach somewhere in Italy. (As Marek doesn’t mind on which beach in Italy he lays down his sleeping bag, we’ve chosen one for him: the golden coast of Tropea in southern Italy, also known as ‘the Coast of the Gods’. Aren’t we good choosers!)

Tropea, Italy
Tropea, Italy © Natalia Macheda


After a fairly holiday-sparse 2014, I am adamant that 2015 will be full of them: looking at holidays all day and not going on them is just too stressful! I’ve just come back from a lovely but very cold trip to Iceland, and am already booked in for Glastonbury and a Neilson holiday in Turkey – I’m hoping that my sailing skills haven’t become seriously rusty. Beyond that I’m planning on going for a city break to Berlin and am keeping my fingers crossed for a trip to Miami.

Bodrum Castle, Turkey
Bodrum Castle, Turkey © Dimos


Like James, I’m off to Ireland – but unlike James, I won’t be getting lost in fields. My wife and I are taking the kids to stay with my mother-in-law in Clones, County Monaghan, which, as enjoyable as it’ll be, won’t leave much time for voyages of self-discovery.

County Monaghan
County Monaghan, Ireland © horslips5


As for me, I’ll be spending a week in Sorrento in June, seeing my best friend get married as well as filling my face with pasta at every opportunity. I’ll also be dusting off my hiking boots for a week in the Lake District in August – fingers crossed for sunshine!

Sorrento © Eduard Derule

Where will you be going on holiday in 2015? Let us know in the comment box below – or, if you’re yet to book, check out our Real Deals for more inspiration!

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