Must have Apps for The Savvy Traveller: 2015 Edition

It’s no secret that for any adventurous spirit, travel apps are a godsend. Never has it been easier to delve headfirst into different landscapes, discover every backstreet and leave no stone unturned in your cultural exploration. Following on from our 2014 round-up of the best travel apps on the market, we have updated and refreshed the list to keep you intrepid travellers in the loop, and as savvy as ever!


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Getting Ready to Go

Weather Pro::Never get caught in the rain again with WeatherPro, an app which feeds you live reports and forecasts of sunny skies or storms on the horizon, wherever you are. Reviews have rated this app as scarily accurate, so be sure to pack your cagoule at its say so! Download it on iTunes and Android.

PackPoint:Overcome packing procrastination with this ingenious pack hack app. After answering a few basic questions about your travel habits, PackPoint will create your very own personalised list of items, tailored to your trip. You’ll never need to hastily write ‘remember toothbrush’ on a post-it again. Free on iTunes and Android.

Duo Lingo:Get to grips with a foreign tongue, and chat with the locals using this foolproof language app. Duo Lingo transforms dull verb conjugations into interactive fun, providing useful tips and tricks for learning everything from French to Ukrainian. Free on iTunes, Android and Windows.

The Converted by Ideon: Download yourself an app that handles all of your currency calculations, metric to imperial problems and everything inbetween. The Converted by Ideon is your ultimate pocket travel geek, with conversion software to change your Pounds to Pesos, millimeters to inches and Fahrenheit to Celsius at the click of a button. Download on iTunes.


While You’re There

Wikitude:Combine guidebooks, maps and currency converters with Wikitude – an augmented reality app to help you make the most of your travels. By using your smartphone’s camera to view your surroundings, Wikitude reveals photos, tweets and reviews on the specific location by syncing with sites including Tripadvisor and Yelp. Currency conversion is also a doddle, as banknotes can be scanned and valued in the same way. Free on iTunes and Android.

HearPlanet:Leave the well-thumbed guidebook at home and plug in for an audio tour of the world. HearPlanet streams information on worldwide attractions from a variety of web sources directly into your headphones, so you can soak up the culture as you go! Download on iTunes and Android.

Ulmon City Map Guides:No one rocks the ‘obvious tourist’ look. Torn maps from the hotel reception and weighty travel books are a dead giveaway, but install Ulmon City Map Guides and you’ll never need them again. This godsend of an app features free and downloadable maps of the world’s cities, which can be used – get this – offline. Each map features the city’s best attractions and local recommendations and are all 20mb in size, leaving plenty of storage space for your holiday selfies. Download on iTunes and Android.

Back Home

Bonjournal:Channel your inner Hemingway and document your adventures with Bonjournal. A minimalist, user-friendly format, this app allows you to keep track of your travel experiences with diary entries and photos, which can then easily be uploaded to Facebook, sent by email or converted to PDF. Free on iTunes.

Been: Worldly wise travel-braggers rejoice at the introduction of this incredibly stylish checklist app. Been allows you to record each country you have visited, keeping track by colouring in an interactive map and offering helpful continental percentages, whilst linking the data across multiple devices via iCloud. And of course, if any of your friends missed your impressive travel stats, they can also be shared via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Free on iTunes and Android.


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