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As we’re all cooped up indoors, safely abiding by the lockdown rules, none of us are travelling anywhere. As keen travel lovers, we’ve found it cheering to imagine travel during this time a little like winning the lottery – without any restrictions on budget and time. With that in mind, we’re hosting weekly interviews with team members to understand what their dream holiday would look like, in the hope that in turn this can help to inspire you.

First up, our very own Head of Content, Rosie.

If you could travel anywhere in the world now (and Covid-19 was not a thing), where would you go?

“The very top of my bucket list has always been reserved for the Galapagos Islands. If it’s good enough for Charles Darwin, then it’s good enough for me. Holidays spent wandering between sunbathing tortoises and frolicking sea lions, or swimming with seafaring iguanas, couldn’t sound dreamier to me!”


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Is there a hotel on your travel bucket list?

“Yes! I can’t afford it just yet but I am saving to be able to go to Il Pellicano in Sicily. The hotel sits atop a clifftop, and has chic sunbathing spots overlooking crashing waves. I can just imagine myself sitting there with a cocktail wearing a flowing dress and wide brim hat – it’s painfully chic so you’d have to dress the part!”


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If money was no object, where would you eat?

“Those unfortunate enough to be my desk buddies over the last four years will know just how obsessed I am with the TV show, Chef’s Table. Episode one of the first series truly sparked my culinary interest. I’ve been thinking of travelling to Osteria Francescana to try the Five Ages of Parmigiano Reggiano starter ever since. There is absolutely nothing vegetarian on the menu (which should be off-putting to me as a lifelong vegetarian) but I still want to go for this dish alone.”


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Combining your favourite parts of previous holidays, what would your dream holiday look like?

“Ooh that’s a really tough question! Okay, so I would take a boozy brunch at Ibiza’s Nikki Beach, followed by dinner in the romance of Rome’s Trastevere area, and combine this with the beaches of Borneo, and the wildlife of Costa Rica. Imagine if one holiday could pack all that in!”

Who would your ideal holiday partner be?

“I miss my best friend, Abi, a lot, so I’d definitely say her! We’ve been away together a few times and she’s a great travel partner.”


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Are there any festivals or nightclubs on your bucket list?

“Is there anyone who doesn’t want to see the inside of Berlin’s famous Berghain? That’s high up on my list, and I’m not entirely sure that I’m cool enough to get in. When it comes to festivals, Burning Man looks amazing but my skin would need to become a lot less prone to sunburn in order for me to go.”

When it comes to transport, are you craving first class travel or lusting after long train journeys?

“I’m not too fussed about first class flights but don’t let that fool you into thinking that I’m not lusting after luxurious travel. I’d love to travel the world on a mega yacht – I’m not dreaming big, am I?”

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Rosie heads up our content team, making sure that our users are presented with helpful and useful information! She also helps the content team in writing blogs about the many gorgeous destinations on her bucket list.

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