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As we’re all cooped up indoors, safely abiding by the lockdown rules, none of us are travelling anywhere. As keen travel lovers, we’ve found it cheering to imagine travel during this time a little like winning the lottery – without any restrictions on budget and time. With that in mind, we’re hosting weekly interviews with team members to understand what their dream holiday would look like, in the hope that in turn this can help to inspire you.

Next up, our Sub Editor, Marianne.

If you could travel anywhere in the world now (and Covid-19 was not a thing), where would you go?

I’d probably have to say New York. I’ve never been, which to me seems ridiculous as I’ve been obsessed with its influence on art and culture since I was a teenager – particularly the era of Studio 54, Andy Warhol’s Factory and the Chelsea Hotel. I think, at this point, it would be incredible to be somewhere that has a huge energy – somewhere that never really shuts down or sleeps. The Guggenheim, Central Park, Brooklyn and an ice hockey game would be top of my list, plus a few local dive bars and some live music when the sun goes down. I’m probably most excited about trying a slice at Joe’s Pizza, though – I’ve heard it really is the best!


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Is there a hotel on your travel bucket list?

I think if I was travelling somewhere to make the most of the hotel, it’d have to be somewhere cold and remote where you could get seriously cosy. Looking across unblemished scenery and up at sparkling galaxies from the Panorama Glass Lodge in Iceland, for example, would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience – there’s also a good chance of seeing the northern lights from there too, which I haven’t yet witnessed. 

I wouldn’t mind spending a weekend in the Aman Canal Grande hotel in Venice too – I don’t think there’s anything quite as decadent as the architecture and decor of centuries-old Italian palazzos.


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If money was no object, where would you eat?

I’m a big fan of The Trip with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, and Italian cuisine is probably my favourite, so I’d choose the Il Riccio restaurant in the Capri Palace that they visit in the second series. The cliffside eatery, dressed in a dreamy azure colour scheme, looks across to Naples and even has steps leading down to the unfathomably bright blue sea. The menu includes indulgent black cod and the most delicious fresh seafood spaghetti in the world – or so I imagine anyway… Best of all, there’s a ‘temptation room’ full of divine Italian pastries and tarts, like shell-shaped sfogliatelle and crunchy, creamy cannoli – heaven on earth for a sweet-toothed Italophile like me.


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Combining your favourite parts of previous holidays, what would your dream holiday look like?

My dream getaway would balance Berlin’s liberal 24-hour buzz, with New Zealand’s spectacular, meditative scenery – particularly the mystical Marlborough Sounds. Italy would play a starring role, with the rich history and flavours of Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna (think fresh egg pasta, Chianti and truffles), and the voguish aesthetic of Milan. As a big kid, I’d definitely want to get my adrenaline pumping in Florida’s theme parks, and have a flutter in the glittering casinos of Nevada’s neon wonderland, Las Vegas. I’d have to eat fish and chips out in the salty sea air on the Northumberland coast – and then have a pastel de nata in Porto for dessert.

Finally, I’d take the dazzling night sky from Northumberland – I’ve never seen so many shooting stars and clear galaxies in my life!


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Who would your ideal holiday partner be?

Ideally, I’d take the place of Rob Brydon in The Trip and travel around incredible places having dinner with Steve Coogan. But IRL, I’d choose my boyfriend. We’ve only been abroad together once, and that was as part of a group, so we’re certainly overdue a couple’s holiday – we’ve got a growing list of dream destinations, including restaurant and gallery ideas.


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Are there any festivals or nightclubs on your bucket list?

Even though I’m not a techno fan, I don’t think you can beat Berlin’s nightlife – the party culture is unrivalled. I’ve been to a few clubs in the city over the years, but not yet made it to the infamous Berghain, so I’d like to at least check out the Panorama Bar.

I’d also be intrigued to see what David Lynch’s Paris bar, Silencio, is like. If it’s anything like his films, it’ll certainly be an unforgettable – and probably quite surreal – experience.


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When it comes to transport, are you craving first class travel or lusting after long train journeys?

I think there’s something incredibly romantic and exciting about train journeys. They tend to make for great stories – I imagine Agatha Christie, J.K. Rowling and Wes Anderson would agree. 

Japan is a country I’m desperate to see, and its railways are famous for their innovation – I’d love to explore Tokyo and Osaka, and feel the speed of the bullet train, which can get you between the two destinations (247 miles) in around three hours. For a more meandering journey (one slow enough to be able to admire the scenery), I’d hop aboard the Seven Stars deluxe sleeper train that chugs around the lush island of Kyushu. It has a large floor-to-ceiling window at the back of the train especially for admiring the view.

Closer to home, I think winding through the wild and sublime Scottish highlands from the comfort of the Belmond Royal Scotsman would be just magical – the train even has a spa on board!


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