The Greek Islands: A User Guide

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If weather in Britain were a train, it would surely only stop at the stations of Hopelesstown and Depressingville. Peering gloomily out of our rain-soaked windows, it’s become painfully apparent that the dealchecker office have mostly been dreaming of afternoons spent abroad, sipping perfectly chilled wine and gazing out over an endless, sunshine-lit ocean.

Wistful conversation about an imminent, but as yet unbooked, Greek holiday led to some debate about which particular island makes for the best escape. Here’s how we decided:

Best for… budding photographers: Santorini

Image by BluEyedA73

If you fancy yourself a bit of a dab hand at the old point and shoot, then you could do worse than to visit Santorini. Panoramic landscapes are in abundance, along with quaint, picturesque villages sprinkled over steep volcanic cliffs that fall dramatically into the sparkling Aegean Sea. A dream for anyone hoping to take home some seriously envy-inducing snaps.

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Runners up: Kefalonia, Mykonos, Zante


Best for… watersports addicts: Paros

Image by edmondo gnerres

Paros has some pretty fantastic conditions for waterskiing. With  stunning beaches, favourable weather conditions and a calm ocean, over the years it’s become quite the hotspot for those  in search of some water-based fun!

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Runners up: Rhodes, Lefkas


Best for… beach bums: Skiathos

Image by Son of Groucho

The pine covered hills and mysterious blue coves of Skiathos are home to some of Europe’s best beaches. Big Banana Beach is a long sweep of white sand in a special nature conservatory. The beaches here are famous for their natural beauty rather than their facilities – so if you’re after an authentic, paradise-esque spot of beaching, Skiathos will be right up your cove!

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Runners up: Corfu, Paros, Crete


Best for… nightlife: Mykonos

Image by Tommyvos

If the Greek islands were a family, then Mykonos would  be the rebellious, hedonistic younger sister hellbent on having a good time. It’s gone through many changes over the years, but it has very much remained a place for the young to dance and drink in the sultry Greek sunshine. If you’re after peace and quiet… we’d suggest looking elsewhere!

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Runners up: Crete, Kos, Corfu


Best for… shopaholics: Rhodes

Image by Paul Stephenson

Whether you’re after locally produced goodies like handmade lace or leather items, or you just want something a little higher-end, Rhodes has it covered. The tiny winding streets and Old Town of Rhodes Town are the best places to head, as well as Soukratos, which runs parallel to the Avenue of the Knights.

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Runner up: Mykonos


Best for…peace and quiet: Naxos

Image by gnuckx

Naxos would be a great choice for those in search of  the quieter things in life. It boasts beautiful beaches, areas that remain calm throughout even the busiest peak-season months and a stunning main city and whilst it does have a few lively tavernas, it has none of the wild nightlife that you’ll find on other Greek islands (Kos and Mykonos, I’m looking at you!)

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Runners up: Paros, Skiathos, Symi


All these mouthwatering pictures got you in the mood for a Greek holiday? Have a look through cheap flights to Greece with our handy search tool – you’re welcome!