The 8 Most Romantic Multi-Destination Honeymoons

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Far from the traditional long weekend in Southend-on-Sea, when it comes to postnuptial getaways, today’s newlyweds are going bigger, better and more adventurous than ever before. With ABTA reporting a huge surge in the ‘multi-destination’ honeymoon trend, whereby new couples are increasingly embarking on longer travels in multiple countries at a time, it seems that ‘the big day’ might have just made way for ‘the big trip’.

To sprinkle the inspirational confetti and spark wild wedding wanderlust, we’ve put together a collection of multi-destination honeymoon ideas for all budgets and timescales, that’ll transform a post-conjugal caper into the honeymoon adventure dreams are made of. We’ve even added a few snippets of advice and wisdom from travel blogger pairs whose honeymoons may never end…

It’s time to cast the bouquet aside, grab your passports, and escape into the sunset together!

Cost Brackets:
‘Budget Friendly’ (£1,000 to £3,000 for two)
‘Treat Yourself’ (£3,000 to £6,000 for two)
‘Go All Out’ (£6,000+ for two)

Spring Routes

If you’re long on time…

“The Indian Island Hop”


Length: Approx. 2 – 2.5 weeks
Cost: Treat Yourself

Southwest Sri Lanka

This route is characterised by the dreamy, vibrant beauty of the Indian Ocean’s shores, and none are a better example of this than Sri Lanka’s most famous city, Colombo. Wandering its bustling streets can easily while away a day, taking in the ornate architecture of the central clock-tower and the majestic town hall, before sharing a romantic moment beneath the sacred fig tree of Sri Maha Bodhi. Colombo is also home to some of Sri Lanka’s most fascinating religious and historical sights, from the ancient Buduruwagala and Anuradhapura temple ruins to the serene Adisham Monastery. Outside of Colombo lie both the sweeping hillscapes of Kandy county and the lush Uda Walawe National Park, perfect for honeymooners with a taste for the outdoors. The city is also a great base from which to visit the stunning coastal region of Galle, home to Sri Lanka’s most postcard-worthy beaches and with a beguiling, laidback vibe that’ll soon have you under its spell.

The Maldives

Flights from Colombo to The Maldives’ capital, Male, leave regularly. In just an hour and a half you’ll be soaking up its world-famous, idyllic scenery. Whilst you’re in Male, be sure to give the enchanting Friday Mosque and the National Museum a visit to get a taste of Maldivian history before you hit the beach!

From Male, every atoll and island is accessible by either seaplane or speedboat. Opportunities for romance in the Maldives are endless – whether you’re scuba diving with whale sharks, sinking into spa treatments, basking atop white sand beaches or sailing into the sunset together on a Dhoni boat cruise. For the ultimate in honeymoon experiences, treat yourselves to a deserted island dinner by candlelight, with only the moon and lapping ocean for company…

Munnar, India

After flying to Kochi from Male, a short train ride brings you to Munnar. A town in the verdant West Ghats mountains, Munnar is one of the Kerala region’s greatest boasts. Framed by deliciously wild beaches and rolling tea garden landscapes, this is a slice of India at its most luxuriant. The best way to explore the town and its history is with a blissful backwater river cruise, which showcases the lush vegetation and local communities that characterise it. Venture deeper together with treks in the Blossom National Park, or seek out slender loris, crocodiles or even wild elephants and tigers with a jungle safari. By far the best sunset experience in Munnar comes in the form of Top Station Viewpoint, which affords hopelessly romantic vistas across the region from above the clouds.

Upgrade your trip…

If you’re looking to maximise your Indian island experience, why not add a few extra nights in the Maldives? Hop around the Atolls, charter a boat, or simply indulge in a few more days of pure beach bliss!


“Screw the £25K wedding day, minimise the budget and head for the hills… or the mountains like we did! For the same amount of money that you spend on one day, we’ve hiked to Machu Picchu, scuba dived in Cuba and partied in Portugal, but most importantly, with each other. Those are true memories that will last you for a lifetime.”

Gemma and Craig from


If you’re short on time…

“The Italian Job”


Length: Approx. 1 – 1.5 weeks
Cost: Budget Friendly


Colourful, chaotic and irresistibly charismatic, Naples is on the rise as one of Italy’s most popular cities for short breaks. Home to the country’s best pizza and gelato outlets, if the way to the heart is through the stomach, Naples has it sussed. Marvelling at the breathtakingly beautiful Cappella Sansevero and Palazzo Reale di Capodimonte is a must for every cultured couple, as is a night at one of Naples’ operas. Locals will tell you that there is no better place for love to bloom than along the seafront stroll from Santa Lucia to Mergellina, which passes through the padlock pledges of lovers on the Lungomare. A song by Neapolitan artist Salvatore di Giacomo states that this stretch of coastline is so romantic, that even the fish make love by moonlight. Suffice to say, many of these amorous fish find themselves served up in oceanfront restaurants along the way… As the sun sets, heat things up by slipping on your dancing shoes and trying out the Neapolitan ‘Tarantella’, a local dance brimming over with passion.

The Amalfi Coast

Italy’s Amalfi Coast is known the world over for its rugged scenery, patchwork hillside towns and sparkling oceans, so it unsurprisingly makes for an idyllic honeymoon getaway. From Naples, the best way to explore is to hire a car and drive along the coast, stopping at Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius along the way of course. From here, the vibrant, clifftop town of Sorrento is only a short distance away, and is a truly seductive destination for a seafront meal and night’s stopover. After Sorrento, the coastline snakes through the gorgeously Italian town of Positano with its multi-coloured houses, and finally reaches the buzzing city of Salerno.


From Salerno, trains to Rome are regular and far easier than driving, so hop aboard and sink into some true Rome-ance. After you’ve spent a day or two taking in the sights of the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Vatican City, and strolled arm-in-arm through Piazza Navona, head to Trastevere after dark to see it all again, atmospherically lit and full of chattering locals.

Upgrade your trip…

Can’t get enough of the Italian flavour? Why not add to your trip with a few nights in the decadently glamorous Lake Como? This celeb-studded resort is easily accessed via a train from Milan (flights from Rome to Milan are frequent), and is dripping with spectacular scenery, panoramic hiking trails and luxurious hotels.


“One of the best things about travelling as a couple is that you have someone to share incredible experiences with – whether that’s climbing a mountain, chilling by the beach or enjoying an indulgent pampering. We really like that both of us has different perspectives on what we enjoy, it pushes us both to try new things, explore much more of our surroundings and really absorb other aspects of the destination that we might not have seen, or considered if we’d travelled alone.”

Lloyd and Yaya from


Summer Routes

If you’re long on time…

“The South American Caper”


Length: Approx. 2.5 – 3 weeks
Cost: Go All Out

Southern Peru

The vast and varied country of Peru has much to offer intrepid honeymooners, but most of its world-renowned attractions can be found within its southern half. These begin with the rambling coastal city of Lima, with its dreamy beachside boulevard, quirky Barranco neighbourhood, shady Old Town and blooming Miraflores district. From Lima, cushty local coaches are ready and waiting to take you to myriad destinations; the lofty city of Puno on the shores of Lake Titicaca, the stunning colonial architecture of Arequipa city, and the incredible oasis town of Huacachina to name just a few. Adventurous couples can also swing by the lesser-visited town of Nasca, and take an airplane tour over the mysterious historical marvel – The Nasca Lines. Of course, the headline of most Peruvian itineraries is Cusco city, beautiful in its own right and also the gateway to many of the country’s famed Inca ruins, including Machu Picchu.

Quito, Ecuador

Regular flights leave from Lima, Cusco and Arequipa to the Ecuadorian capital of Quito. This fascinating city is said to have one of the best preserved Old Towns in the Americas, surrounding the sublime Plaza Grande, which is loyally presided over by the city’s iconic Virgin of El Panecillo statue (climb to the top of her head for unbeatable views). For raw South American flavour, nothing beats Quito’s Mariscal district, home to many a live music venue, local restaurant and rum-soaked dance hall. Quito’s historic quarter also happens to be a UNESCO site, and is well worth a wander for timeless, romantic atmosphere. Accessible from Quito are many other Ecuadorian delights, including the Andes Mountain Cable Car and Mitad del Mundo equator point.

Upgrade your trip…

If your stay in Quito leaves you wanting more, use your Ecuador base to visit one of the world’s most beloved UNESCO World Heritage sites – the Galapagos Islands. Island hopping boat trips are easily booked once you arrive, and teeming with exotic wildlife including iguanas, tortoises, penguins and turtles, this is a truly magical destination in which to make life-long memories together!


If you’re short on time…

“The Flavours of Portugal”


Length: Approx. 1 – 1.5 weeks
Cost: Budget Friendly


With its untamed scenery, dazzlingly blue waters and quaint fishing villages, the Portuguese island of Madeira is an oft-overlooked ocean paradise. Spend your days soaking up rays, soaking in the sea, or taking a leisurely stroll through the shady streets of Funchal. After dark, local seafood restaurants and oceanfront bars throw open their doors. If you’re craving adventure, the island’s Levadas (irrigation channels) provide meandering rambling routes through the hilly landscapes, and the UNESCO protected Laurisilva Forest offers miles of lush foliage and mountainous paths to get lost along together.


If you’re looking for a honeymoon packed full of culture, rich flavours and boundless fun, Lisbon is your stop. With its characterful hills, rickety trams and world-class seafood restaurants around every corner, the Portuguese capital is packed full of cute little backstreets and romantic, candlelit dinner opportunities. The Alfama old town is undeniably the most ruggedly good-looking of the city’s neighbourhoods, and much of its charms can be experienced by hopping on board the number 28 tram and heading uphill. The towering Torre de Belem exudes the effortless beauty that characterises Lisbon, but the city’s true personality can be found in its smallest pleasures – the creamy filling of a Pastel de Nata, the faint strains of a traditional Fado song, and the mysteriously alluring sight of the skyline at sunset.

Upgrade your trip…

If you’ve a few extra nights that need filling, book a flight from Lisbon and head over to another of Portugal’s Atlantic island destinations – The Azores. A craggy archipelago, this cluster of emerald shores is an outdoorsy couple’s dream. From hiking the verdant hills to whale watching, surfing and scuba diving to horse trekking, it’s all here, and then some. The Azores does allow for a bit of chill out time too – sink into natural hot springs, or treat yourselves to a plate of traditional Portuguese tapas in one of Sao Miguel’s copious local eateries.
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“The best tip [for travelling couples] was actually given to us by a couple we met in Costa Rica last year. They were between 50 and 60 years old and had travelled the world together: ‘Give each other time and space to do your own thing and pursue your own interests sometimes.’ It’s great to experience new things together, but we all need our own space to explore, as well as having more stories to tell each other afterwards!”

Kach and Jonathan from


Autumn Routes

If you’re long on time…

“The Nordic Discovery”


Length: Approx. 2 – 2.5 weeks
Cost: Budget Friendly

Southern Sweden

Based in the elegant city of Stockholm, a honeymoon starting in Sweden’s beautiful southern half will have you in the mood for love in no time at all. The city’s wondrously historic old town, Gamla Stan, is by far the best place for romance to blossom, surrounded by some of the most fairytale architecture in Scandinavia. A tradition almost as old as Gamla Stan itself, Fika, the Swedish equivalent of afternoon tea is a great way to shut out the Autumn chill and cosy up together. A slice of history comes in the form of Skansen, Stockholm’s living museum which is also home to a herd of reindeer and sleuth of brown bears. It is little known that Stockholm is actually an archipelago of over 3,000 islands, and although visiting them all may be a stretch for just one honeymoon, hopping across to a few of the nearer ones is a piece of (Fika) cake.

Venturing beyond Stockholm is simple, what with Sweden’s super efficient public transport links to help you on your way. Within easy reach of the city are Sigtuna (Sweden’s official first ever town), the picture-postcard Vasteras on the shores of Lake Malaren and the buzzing university town of Uppsala to name but a few.

Southern Norway

After a short flight from Stockholm, you’ll discover Norway’s capital Oslo, and its own unique Nordic flavour. If you’re even slightly interested in Scandinavia’s Viking ancestry, this is the place to indulge yourself, with the Viking Ship Museum and unmistakably Norse-looking locals. The imposing Royal Palace, Munch Museum and Opera House are all highlights of the city, but nothing beats a leisurely boat cruise around Oslo’s ridiculously picturesque fjords and islets for romance. Except perhaps a sunset stroll along the Akerselva River, or table for two at the celebrated Hos Thea Norwegian restaurant perhaps.


Effortlessly chic and mysteriously enchanting, Iceland is one of the must-visit destinations for 2019, and honeymoon travellers are no exception. The easiest way to explore the country’s highlights in a short time period is to fly into Reykjavik (very easily done from Oslo), and use it as a base. The city of Reykjavik itself is well worth getting to know, as compact as it is. Hallgrimskirkja Church and Perlan observatory are ideal platforms if you want a birds-eye view of the skyline, and the country’s past truly comes alive in the Viking Settlement Museum. In the evenings, (which begin at about 3pm in Autumnal Reykjavik), head to Laugavegur Street to find the trendiest restaurants and hippest bars, or book a table at the harbourside seafood restaurant Hofnin – the upper floor affords beautiful views across the bay as the sun sets.

Just outside the city lie all manner of natural wonders, from whale watching cruises that depart the harbour daily, to discovering the geysers and waterfalls of the Golden Circle. Arguably most famous however, is the endlessly inviting and completely otherworldly Blue Lagoon Spa – a honeymooner’s idea of heaven. If all that wasn’t enough, you might even be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the northern lights winding their way across the sky – what could be more romantic a setting than that?

Upgrade your trip…

To extend your Nordic experience, why not add a few days into your Norway itinerary and jump on a cruise along the length of the country’s fjords? Cruises typically take between 5 to 7 days, and navigate the glimmering waters of the North Atlantic through Norway’s most beautiful islets, coastlines and secret coves.


“You think you know every single thing there is to know about somebody and then you travel with them. For us, travelling is the best way of really getting to know [each other], and it’s amazing discovering new levels and layers of your relationship together.”

Macca and Brianna (not in a relationship, but travel together) from


If you’re short on time…

“The Arabian Nights”


Length: Approx. 1 – 1.5 weeks
Cost: Budget Friendly


With a worldwide reputation as a haven of glitz, glamour and luxury, a honeymoon in Dubai is a honeymoon well spent. From the mesmeric highrises of the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab to the unequalled shopping opportunities of the city’s vast malls and bustling souks, there’s much to experience for couples looking to soak up Dubai’s unique vibe. However, it is the glittering beaches, lush public parks and opulent palm island that offer romance of the most extravagant kind. For a more outdoorsy experience of Dubai, couple’s horse riding sessions are available at Al Wasi Stables, and hot air balloon rides over the city offer unmatched vistas across the vast desertscape. With some of the world’s most renowned restaurants at your fingertips, fine dining is not a problem – try Pierchic for seafood overlooking the ocean, or dine high in At.Mosphere atop the Burj Khalifa itself.

Ras Al Khaimah

Often overlooked in favour of Abu Dhabi, this Emirate has its own unique charm and tranquil appeal, perfect for chilling out after the buzz of Dubai. Hiring a car is the only way to get to Ras Al Khaimah from Dubai (other than sporadic flights), and its resorts are few and far between, but somehow this results in an even more prominent feeling of luxury. The surrounding Hajar mountains make for amazing scenery to hike, bike or simply take in from a safe distance, but any Emirati will assure you that what RAK lacks in built-up city, it more than makes up for in delectable beaches – lie back and relax!

Upgrade your trip…

To max out on your Arabian experience, take a day or two between the destinations to explore the desert outside Dubai. Countless companies offer camel trekking, dune buggying and even overnight stays sleeping beneath the stars.
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“We’ve been travelling together full-time for four years now and wouldn’t have it any other way. Travelling as a couple means we always have each other to rely on, and wherever we go in the world, we’re creating memories that we can reflect on together in the future. It’s so important to communicate when you travel as a couple.”

Amy and Andrew from


Winter Routes

If you’re long on time…

“The Oceanic Voyage”


Length: Approx. 3.5 – 4 weeks
Cost: Go All Out

New Zealand Road Trip

With scenery that looks like, and indeed often has been the backdrop to a Hollywood blockbuster, falling in love with New Zealand is as easy as ordering Fush and Chups (it’s a NZ thing). Because the two main islands that make up the country have so much to offer, there really is no better way to explore them than to hit the road… For the adventurous types, hiring a VW camper and staying en route is the dream, but there are endless hotels and guesthouses along the way for those less outdoor-inclined.

Land and start in Auckland, which has much to offer from its chic, fashionable streets to its soaring Sky Tower and majestic Harbour Bridge. From here, drive to Tauranga, a sun-soaked coastal city on the Bay of Plenty and a great stopover. You’ll then be wending your way south through the laidback, thermal springs town of Rotorua and picturesque, lakeside Taupo, before arriving in the country’s capital, Wellington. Nicknamed ‘Windy Wellington’, this small city packs a cultural punch with the Te Papa Museum of New Zealand, Oriental Bay and more restaurants and cafes per capita than New York. From Wellington, the ferry between the two islands is easily accessible, and docks at the tiny port of Picton. Kaikoura is next on the agenda, a breezy coastal town with a very over-friendly seal colony to meet, before Christchurch and its uniquely European charm and architecture. The road tripping route continues through the University City of Dunedin, spectacular Queenstown nestled on the shores of the endlessly beautiful Lake Wakatipu, and Franz Josef Glacier, which is well worth climbing in the name of breathtaking scenery. The last South Island stop is the city of Nelson, which, as well as being the location of the central point of New Zealand, is also the gateway to the magical landscapes of Abel Tasman National Park.


Flights from Wellington to Fiji are easy to come by, and although the journey time is only 3 and a half hours, the scenery and culture could not be more of a contrast to that of New Zealand. Think white sand beaches, vanilla scented orchids, tribal architecture and sipping hibiscus Kava as you gaze across the ocean. Still not quite sold? How does a couples-only, private turtle island resort sound? Thought so.

Upgrade your trip…

The majority of flights from the UK to New Zealand make a stopover in Los Angeles, so why not upgrade your honeymoon by making the most of it and staying a while? LA is so much more than bikini-clad sunbathers and juice diets, what with the edgy bustle of Venice Beach, star-studded pavements of Hollywood and upscale chic of Beverly Hills to discover, not to mention Sunset Boulevard and, of course, Disneyland. Better make it a week’s stopover after all…


“When travelling together, cherish each moment spent together, get to know each other better, and most importantly give each other space to enjoy and pursue individual interests. Know what your partner loves and surprise him or her with their favourite things to do when travelling.”

Savi and Vid from


If you’re short on time…

“The Alpine Adventure”


Length: Approx. 1.5 – 2 weeks
Cost: Budget Friendly

Innsbruck, Austria

With its compact city streets and Alpine valley setting, Innsbruck is a real winter wonderland for any honeymooning couple. The city’s old town, or Aldstadt, is by far its most picturesque feature and also home to the beautifully historic ‘Golden Roof’ building, Imperial Palace and teetering clock tower. Experiencing the city from a new perspective is as simple and taking the funicular railway up to a panoramic viewing platform, and gazing across its hotchpotch of rooftops. If the chill is getting in, wander along the river as the sun goes down, and warm up together with a mug of steaming ‘Gluhwein’ in the Aldstadt.

Western Switzerland

Trains from Innsbruck to Zurich run on an almost daily basis, and are a great way to gawp at some pretty mountain scenery along the way. Far from its reputation as a business-minded, financially driven city, Zurich’s winding backstreets and hidden treasures are just as romantic as Switzerland’s Italian neighbours. Take a walk around Lake Zurich, soak up some culture in the National Museum, marvel at the beautiful Grossmunster church or keep things sweet by poking around the chocolate shops of Bahnhofstrasse. Restaurant Adlisberg is just crying out to be an atmospheric dinner spot, set within a secluded clearing in the city’s lush forest.

Zurich is also only a short train ride away from some of Switzerland’s most enchantingly traditional towns, including effortlessly cute Appenzell and lively St Gallen. If you were feeling particularly adventurous, you could even ride the train over the border into Germany and catch a glimpse of the magical Neuschwanstein Castle.

Central Slovenia

From Zurich, regular flights will take you to Slovenia’s largely undiscovered capital Ljubljana. This vibrant city is teetering on the edge of popularity, as its enchanting local architecture, buzzing markets and al fresco dining culture become known to more and more eager visitors. Spending a few nights here is a great way to round off a honeymoon, exploring the city’s hilltop castle, crossing its network of ‘dragon bridges’ and dining along the river (weather permitting of course). From Ljubljana, a short bus ride is all it takes to visit Slovenia’s most famous attraction – the fairytale setting of Lake Bled and its castle. If rowing out to the tiny island and hearing the church bell pealing isn’t the way to end a romantic getaway with your one-and-only, we don’t know what is.

Upgrade your trip…

If you have a few days to spare and are eager for more Alpine adventures, why not take the train from Innsbruck to the small, upscale ski resort of St Anton and hit the slopes?


“One of the biggest pieces of advice that I can give to any couple that wants to travel together, is make sure you understand each other’s tastes and interests. We both get inspired from just about every avenue these days, whether it’s Instagram, a vlog or even movie location – it’s what you do with that light of inspiration and how it fits into each person’s likes and dislikes.”

Stephen and Jess of