Just Roll With It: George Leaves Dealchecker!

When there’s ever an event to celebrate, commiserate – or even when we just really fancy making idiots of ourselves – here at dealchecker, we like to do things properly. By properly, we mean, enforcing (by force, if necessary) one or all of the following components:

a.) Fancy dress b.)A bar tab of epic proportions c.)Moves that would make Rick Astley weep gently into the lapels of his enormous blazer, and then swiftly take back all he said about Never Giving Us Up. All three were implemented in predictably embarrassing style to mark the last days of the dealchecker LEGEND that is George Hiles (I’ll collect that tenner later, G).

There’s only one way to send off a beloved sales manager in style, and that is to feed him strong drinks and put him on roller skates. There is no other way. With this in mind, we decided to take George on a magical journey back through the tunnels of time to the glory days of the 1980’s. In Vauxhall, no less.

Drinks in the office turned into a fancy dress free for all- provided by the costume tyrants content team, glitter was applied to willing – and unwilling – faces – and finally, like a troupe of spandexed Wham! rejects, we made our way to the Roller Disco like we were being chased by the 90’s.

Just so you remember how we look sans tragic 80’s fancy dress, here’s us at George’s leaving lunch earlier that week. Yes – he got two leaving parties. Leaving dealchecker might make you cry (we saw that tear, George! It happened!) – but apparently, it will also get you fed.

Aaaaaaaaaaand back to the 1980’s. After strapping on our roller skates, smearing glitter onto every conceivable surface and imbibing a few glasses of Reckless Stupidity, we made our way to the floor to skate our way into a humiliating and bruised future.

All in all, a great night was had by all, and we are sure that our efforts will ensure that George’s new colleagues will pale in comparison to our retro splendour – which, lets be honest, was the aim of the evening.

Finally, here are some things we learned from the evening:

  • Girl Sam really cannot skate. At all.
  • Sue was possibly a professional skater in a past life
  • Em’s boyfriend looks like Mick Jagger circa 1972 in a pair of leopard print trousers
  • Anna should not go roller skating when tired
  • No one – NO ONE – enjoys a glitter hangover

Here’s the man of the hour looking like Kelly Osbourne crossed with an Apprentice candidate. Bye George!

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