Christmas Gifts For Holiday Lovers

What do you get for that person in your life who loves travel, jets off several times a year, and always has stories about exotic escapades and far-off fun? Well, we’ve been pondering the same thing here, as the dealchecker office is jam-packed with just such adventurous types. So here is a quick run-down of all our best present ideas for holiday lovers – just in time for a spot of Christmas shopping.


Stocking Fillers

Stockings by the fire

If you’re looking for something small, maybe to pop in a stocking, then there are plenty of useful little bits we just love! Think accessories like lovely bright bag tags for making your luggage stand out on the carousel, a funky passport holder or a stylish notebook for jotting down travel inspiration. If your traveller is practical type, then a set of mini toiletries bottles might be right up their street, and if they are always off the beaten track then bag hooks for keeping stuff safe is a handy little gift they can pop in their day-bag.



These boots are made for walking

If there’s one thing we’re convinced you can never have enough of it’s (wait for it…..) clothes! If the holidaymaker in your life is a ski holiday fan then how about treating them to some new base layers? Walkers will thank you forever for getting them some much-coveted merino wool socks, whilst nobody can resist a slightly outrageous hat! And if they are addicted to the jet-setting lifestyle we’ve seen some fantastic t-shirts here featuring airport codes for many of the top destinations around the world from London to Los Angeles and Paris to Jamaica.



The End Of The World

Gone are the days of heading off without a single gadget to rely on – today’s travellers have at least a mobile with them, and quite possibly other things too from an iPad to a GPS, depending on where they are off to. With that in mind, how about some additional gadgetry? We like the look of the wind-up phone chargers, but if that sounds like too much effort, we’ve heard great things about this one. Other things to consider are portable speakers and a whole raft of fitness gadgets designed to keep business (and other) travellers on track, wherever they are in the world.



Reading on the beach
Joe Shlabotnik

A travel journal would be a lovely gift for anyone planning a grand adventure holiday in 2013, but if the travel fan in your life is more about relaxing than trekking the Andes then some new all-engrossing books might be just what the doctor ordered. Our top 5 favourite recent reads here at dealchecker are 1) Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy in anticipation of the Keira Knightley film 2) The Red House by Mark Haddon 3) The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins 4) Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell and 5) Little Bee by Chris Cleave. Nobody said we were up to date!


Holiday Photos

Wall of photos

We all know the type – let’s call them name-droppers – who like to make sure you’ve not missed out on one single detail of their holidays. This type of holidaymaker likes to show off, so ways they can do this around the home are great. Photo frames, or a digital photo frame if they are tech-savvy make great gifts – or you could collude with their other half or travelling companions to cherry-pick the best photos and get it printed up into a lovely coffee table book.


Spending Money

Wall of money

Sometimes, the holiday lover you’re trying to buy a gift for just has all the things that they want. Maybe they love buying the newest gadgets, maybe they like to travel with nothing more than a passport and a change of underwear. But there is one thing that all travellers need – and that’s money. For a more unusual take on it, get your pounds sterling changed into the currency of their next destination. You could even make it more memorable with some money origami.

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